Our history


Where it all began...

Around 1950

The French engineer Eugene Houdry invented the automotive catalyst and founded the Oxy-Catalyst Company


The Clean Air Act brings the first federal legislation in the US.

January 1965

R&D for automotive catalysts was started at Degussa in Hanau-Wolfgang, Germany. Dr. Edgar Koberstein, one of the founders, was instrumental in the development of catalysts.

First successes ...


Our first commercial success resulted in construction of a new test center in Hanau-Wolfgang (Germany) combined with production capacity in Rheinfelden (Germany), Burlington (Canada) and Calvert City (USA).


As lead is a severe poison for catalysts, the introduction of unleaded fuel in the US was a crucial step. 9 years later unleaded fuel was also introduced in Germany.


Automotive catalysts became mandatory in California.

... 1 million
catalysts in the market!

all around the world ...


The Mercedes S-Class, fitted with our catalysed Diesel particulate filter, was introduced to the market.

March 1986

We presented the latest developments and applications at the World Congress of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).


Our new R&D center was opened.


We established new production plants in Japan, Korea, Brazil and Sweden.

... 10 million catalysts
in the market!

Diesel engines
in passenger cars... 


Umicore acquired the entire automotive catalysts business from Degussa (OMG)..


A new plant in Suzhou, China, was built.


The acquisition of Delphi's catalyst activities made Umicore Automotive Catalysts one of the big three players in the market.


The Daimler-Chrysler's Bluetec I was introduced, as one of the most sophisticated applications.


A new test center was built in Hanau-Wolfgang.

Numerous new technologies were successfully introduced into the market, i.a. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for diesel and NOx Storage Catalysts (NSC) for lean bruning gasoline engines.

... 100 million catalysts
in the market!

Umicore: new innovations,
plants, R&D...

New plants were built in emerging markets (Pune, India) and established regions (Bad Säckingen, Germany; Nova Roda, Poland).

New test centers were built in China, Japan, South Korea.

... almost 200 million
catalysts in the market!

Strong focus on R&D
and close cooperation
with high tech universities...

... strong future orientation creating cutting-edge technologies to
meet ever tightening legislations.