Who we are



The number of vehicles on our roads has been growing enormously. Today there are more than one billion vehicles on the world’s roads and some 90 million cars are produced every year.

Over the years governments have introduced air quality standards to reduce the harmful effects of automotive emissions on human health. Since we first started producing automotive catalysts in 1974, Umicore has been helping society to reduce emissions. 

Umicore develops and manufactures a broad range of products including three-way catalysts (TWC) and particulate filters (cGPF) for gasoline engines, diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) and particulate filters (DPF) for diesel cars, also NOx (Nitrogen oxides) and SCR (selective catalytic reduction) catalysts. In addition, we make catalysts for heavy duty diesel (HDD) vehicles such as buses and trucks and for motorcycle or small engine applications.

In close collaboration with our customers, our chemists, engineers and researchers constantly develop new products which enable our clients to build cars with a cleaner exhaust in compliance with the most stringent emission legislations.

All our products are tested under rigorous conditions so that they have the best possible level of performance, converting as many pollutants as possible into harmless gases.


Our footprint

Umicore Automotive Catalysts operates 19 plants in 14 countries and 10 research & technology facilities in 7 countries.


Our business model

At AC we develop technologies which allow our costumers to meet automotive emission legislation at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.   

AC is one of the top three producers worldwide