Fuel Cell Catalyst

The application of platinum as a catalyst for generating electric power through conversion of hydrogen with air is more than 100 years old. In recent years the application has gained importance as an environmentally friendly alternative to combustion engines. Fuel Cell Drivetrains combine all the environmental advantages of battery drivetrains with the driving range and refueling time of today’s internal combustion engine drivetrains.

As a leading supplier of automotive and homogeneous chemical catalysts, Umicore has developed Fuel Cell Catalysts for a broad range of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Technologies since the end of 1980’s. Our experience in those areas has led to the development of superior Fuel Cell Catalysts. Our cost efficient catalysts are designed for superior performance and durability at mass production scale. Our catalysts also find application in PEM Electrolysis and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications.

For further information regarding Umicore’s full commercial Fuel Cell Catalyst product portfolio and to contact Umicore’s sales team please follow the link below.

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Fuel cell technology

  • Fuel cells generate electricity using hydrogen as the energy carrier
  • Hydrogen reacts with oxygen, creating electricity
  • The catalyst material sets this chemical reaction in motion

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