SCR DeNOx catalyst DNX-series


The DNX-GTC catalyst is a fiber reinforced Noble Metal-Vanadium-Tungsten-Titania catalyst especially optimized for gas turbine applications. The DNX-GTC series offers a very high CO oxidation activity in combination with a moderate to high DeNOx activity (temperature dependent). The catalyst also offers an activity for VOC oxidation.

Application areas:

The DNX-GTC catalysts are typically operating on gas turbines.

Features and Values:

The DNX-GTC catalysts benefit from a dual functionality which makes the catalysts active in CO and VOC oxidation as well as in the SCR reaction. The DNX-GTC catalysts share the features of the well proven DNX® catalyst and are available as a high-temperature version that can be positioned upstream the ammonia injection grid (AIG) and a version optimized for positioning downstream the SCR catalyst where the dual functionality leads to reduced SCR catalyst volume and in turn even lower pressure drop.

The dual function of the DNX-GTC catalysts makes it possible to locate the CO oxidation catalyst downstream of the SCR in the HRSG. The SCR can then be designed with excesss ammonia slip which is subsequently eliminated across the DNX-GTC catalyst with the remaining part of the NOx in the flue gas. This combined GT-GTC solution offers up to 40% reduction in SCR catalyst volume and up to 25% reduction in total pressure drop.

The low volume of high-void catalysts has a low thermal mass that offers unlimited heating rate and consequently a minimum time untill emission compliance.

Physical Properties

Wall thickness
0.3 mm
Channel hydraulic diameter
2.7 mm
Cell pitch
3.1 mm
Plate pitch
3.0 mm
Cell density
Specific area
1172 m2/m3
Open area
80 %
Leading edge reinforcement

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