SCR DeNOx catalyst DNX-series


The DNX-LD catalyst is a fiber reinforced Vanadium-Tungsten-Titania catalyst. The catalyst is available in a version with a 0.4 mm wall.

Application areas:

The DNX-LD catalyst is suitable for operation in a medium-dust environment, and is typically used in SCR installations operating within waste-to energy after the particulate filter.

Features and Values:

The DNX-LD catalyst can be optimized to meet the specific operating condition by varying the constituents of the catalyst, the pitch sizes and the wall thickness to give the desired performance.

Our industrial experience together with the extensive testing in our laboratories have proven the DNX-LD catalyst activity is maintained over long operation in a wide range of applications.

The exceptional combination of the above features of the DNX-LD catalyst ensures a long trouble-free service life. This translates directly into minimized catalyst and operating costs and thus it ensures excellent value and easy operation. The long service life combined with the low pressure drop makes the DNX-LD catalyst very economical to operate

Physical Properties

Wall thickness
0.4 mm
Channel hydraulic diameter
3.4 - 5.1 mm
Cell pitch
4.1 - 6.4 mm
Plate pitch
4.1 - 5.7 mm
Cell density
19 - 39 CPSI
Specific area
651 - 885 m2/m3
Open area
76 - 83 %
Leading edge reinforcement

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