Coal fired boilers were used to power Thomas Edison’s first lightbulbs and since that time have become the backbone of global power generation. Umicore’s DNX® HD (High Dust) catalyst has the ability to reduce harmful NOx emissions that are formed during the combustion process while keeping SO2 oxidation to a minimum. We have experience with various types of coal (Anthracite, Bituminous, Sub-bituminous, and Lignite), each present their own unique challenges.

Some coal power stations are currently looking to switch to natural gas, in most cases these emissions can be treated with a smaller volume of catalyst using DNX® LD (Low Dust) in the space allotted for air pollution control. With natural gas firing these boilers may see a spike in carbon monoxide emissions (CO), our DNO catalyst can be used in conjunction with DNX® to treat NOx and CO simultaneously.          

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