FCC (Fluid Catalytic Crackers)/CO boilers

The FCCU ( Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit) houses one of the most important processes in a refinery. The process breaks down long hydrocarbon chains into valuable products that are the lifeline of the refinery. This technology has its roots in World War II where it was used to produce high-octane gasoline, the fuel needed for advanced fighter aircraft engines that helped win the war effort. 

These units have strict requirements for emission abatement compared to the rest of the refinery. Umicore’s DNX® FCC series catalyst is specifically engineered to meet these rigorous demands and maximize the lifetime to ensure that the SCR is never the cause of a premature maintenance outage. An upgraded “dual function” version of the DNX® FCC catalyst is also available that can simultaneously reduce NOx and CO/VOC within one catalyst bed

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