SCR DeNOx/Oxidation catalyst DNO-series


The DNO-FCC catalyst is a fiber reinforced Noble Metal-Vanadium-Tungsten-Titania catalyst. The DNO-series offers a very high CO oxidation activity in combination with a moderate to high VOC and DeNOx activity (both temperature dependent).

Application areas:

The DNO-FCC catalysts are especially suited for SCR installations on FCC units.

Features and Values:

The DNO catalysts benefit from a dual functionality as the catalysts pose an activity for CO and VOC oxidation in addition to the SCR activity. The DNO catalysts share the features of the well-proven DNX® catalyst.

The dual funtionality of the DNO catalyst makes it possible just to replace the lower DNX® layer in the SCR reactor where the DNO removes the CO typically experienced during low load operation of the FCC unit.

The fiber-reinforced catalyst is very thermal shock resistant which allows a fast heat up rate. Hence the unit will be fast to be in compliance.

Physical Properties

Wall thickness
0.6 mm
Channel hydraulic diameter
5.6 - 6.5 mm
Cell pitch
7.2 – 8.3 mm
Plate pitch
6.4 – 7.4 mm
Cell density
10.5 – 13.9 CPSI
Specific area
488 - 555 m2/m3
Open area
78 - 79 %
Leading edge reinforcement

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