Marine Propulsion

Today only a minority of new marine engines are equipped with pollution control systems, but this picture will change dramatically. As of 2021, a majority of new engines will be equipped with SCR systems to reduce NOx emissions. Simultaneously, we see increasingly strict demands for reduction of SOx , CO3 and particle matter.

Umicore has supplied SCR systems and catalyst for marine engines since 1988. And today, a dedicated focus on the challenges in the marine industry enables us to provide SCR catalyst and technical assistance for all existing fuels and configurations. This year we introduce catalytic products that:

  • are uniquely designed for marine applications
  • easily fulfill IMO regulations and prepared to go far beyond
  • are vibration resistant
  • are based on extensive research and development

Eliminating NOx from engines of all sizes

Umicore Marine SCR DNX® catalyst is optimized for:

  • low SO2 oxidation
  • low pressure drop
  • low weight
  • high resistance against pulsations and vibrations
  • very high NOx removal

Together with increasingly strict demands for reduced SO3 emissions it is expected that regulation will be further tightened forcing the marine industry to prepare for reduction of CO2, CH4, and particle matter in the future

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