SCR DeNOx catalyst DNX-series


The DNX-GT catalyst is a fiber reinforced Vanadium-Tungsten-Titania catalyst especially optimized for gas turbine applications. The DNX-GT series offers a very high activity in combination with low pressure drop. The catalyst is available with a 0.3 mm wall.

Application areas:

The DNX-GT catalysts are typically operating on gas turbines.

Features and Values:

The DNX-GT catalysts feature an enhanced SCR activity which has been achieved through reformulating and changing the monolith structure of the original DNX® catalyst. Thereby an increased specific surface area and a higher catalyst wall utilization have been achieved which together with a larger open area provide an attractive combination of increased activity and lower pressure drop.

The 20% boost in volume activity for the DNX-GT catalysts yield a corresponding reduction in required catalyst volume. Together with a 10% lower specific pressure drop, the DNX-GT catalysts offer a saving in overall pressure loss across the SCR catalyst in the order of 30% compared to the previous DNX® versions.

Due to the low weight it heats up fast during start-up and is therefore also fast to be in compliance.

Physical Properties

Wall thickness
0.3 mm
Channel hydraulic diameter
2.7 mm
Cell pitch
3.1 mm
Plate pitch
3.0 mm
Cell density
Specific area
1172 m2/m3
Open area
80 %
Leading edge reinforcement

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