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Mission statement of the Umicore Automotive Catalysts Business Unit.

By continuously developing advanced products, process technologies and application know-how in automotive emission catalysts

  • we provide the most cost efficient systems in joint development with our customers and our suppliers,
  • we generate sustainable value to our customer and to other stakeholders and
  • by providing solutions to our customers to meet environmental legislation, we generate benefits for society.

Automotive Catalysts is at the core of Umicore’s vision by creating materials for a better life through sustainable development, production and recycling. We contribute to this in three ways: 

  • Our products make possible the improvements in air quality mandated by worldwide efforts towards stricter emissions standards for all types of combustion engines and hybrids.
  • Within Umicore’s “closed loop” approach to resource management, we make maximum use of metals recycled from end-of-life catalysts.
  • We work to make our manufacturing processes ever more environmentally friendly.

Fuel Cell Catalysts

Our unbeatable expertise in emission control catalysts for the automotive industry and our commitment since late 80’s to developing superior performance fuel cell catalysts featuring mass production scale durability show our commitment to making the world run at its best.

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Rechargeable Battery Materials

Umicore Rechargeable Battery Materials provides its customers with the best cathode active material, which leads to greater mobility and a reliable source of energy. One in five Li-ion batteries ever produced for portable electronics contains Umicore materials. Our materials are used in the hybrid automotive industry to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

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Precious Metals Refining

Umicore Precious Metals Refining operates as one of the world's largest precious metals recycling facilities. This business unit of Umicore is the world market leader in recycling complex waste streams containing precious and other non-ferrous metals.

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Precious Metal Management

Precious Metals Management acts as a link between the recycling activities and producers in need of precious metals. We guarantee supply continuity through sustainable sourcing of raw materials.

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